Mobile Telemedicine: Remote Telehealth Solutions

Remote Patient Monitoring and Telehealth Consultation


The Onsight mobile collaboration system helps healthcare professionals perform remote patient monitoring to extend access and the quality of care within a cost-effective delivery model. For many jurisdictions, Onsight Connect has become a critical telemedicine equipment component with its support for iPhone, iPad, PCs and Onsight Device platforms. This Onsight mobile telehealth solution has applications across many clinical programs and settings including:

  • Teledermatology
  • Wound care
  • Telestroke and Stroke Assessment
  • Trauma
  • Long-term care
  • Tele Home care
  • Infirmary telehealth
  • Education / consultation
  • Pathology - biopsy assessment
  • Remote nursing stations

Teledermatology and Wound Assessment

The high quality video, telestration and recording functions of Onsight make it an especially powerful tool for remote patient monitoring by dermatology and wound assessment/management specialists. The specialist is able to view high quality video and images of the wound, draw and talk to discuss the assessment and guide the remote health care worker through an examination process. This mobile telemedicine equipment ensures that all applicable visual information is gathered and a proper assessment or diagnosis completed. Onsight also provides the ability to capture still images directly from the streaming video including the two-way telestration mark-ups, as well as descriptive textual information which can be added to a patient's record and used for follow-on comparisons to ensure the success of the treatment regime.

Stroke Assessment - Telestroke

Onsight is able to enhance a remote stroke assessment by aiding the centralized specialist in checking everything from pupil activity through to the patient's gait. Recording, telestration and annotation capabilities with instant image capture enhances the assessment process. In addition, the ability to include recorded media as part of the patient's record aids in future assessments and treatment regimes.

Long-Term Care Facilities

Often long-term care facilities do not have physicians on premise and health concerns can be beyond an onsite care giver’s scope. In these situations, traditional telemedicine technology is not sufficient. Patients are typically transported by ambulance to an acute care facility, which is a costly assessment method. In addition, resident care can be compromised by the added physical and emotional stress of the transportation. The mobility of Onsight can be used in these situations to bring a physician or specialist right to the resident's bedside to make a proper assessment of the situation and decide on appropriate follow-on actions.

Tele Home Care

The ability to record and capture vital patient and environmental information makes Onsight a powerful assessment tool for home care. For example, a home care worker can capture images and video of out-patient wound or stroke assessments at their home using an iPhone, iPad or Onsight Device and share it with other health care professionals in a live session or at a future time. The home care worker and specialist can discuss the information and next steps and attach the information to the client's record for case management and planning purposes.

Much More than a Patient Camera

The ease of use, on-board display and ergonomic design of Onsight mobile devices make it an attractive replacement for the patient examination cameras in the telemedicine equipment marketplace today. In addition to its ability to operate as a traditional patient examination camera, Onsight adds powerful functionality including 2-way voice, telestration, recording, annotation and the ability to include captured still images and video in patient records. The Onsight devices are also more user friendly with simplified cable management (i.e. ability to operate on battery with no power cable required) and improved image stability for captured still pictures.

Infirmary Telehealth Solutions

The mobility of Onsight makes it an excellent assessment tool in correctional institutions. The ability to perform a remote tele-psychiatric or medical assessment in an inmate's cell or an infirmary setting has important public safety implications, providing cost savings and logistic benefits when compared to transporting the inmate to an outside medical facility. Telestration, recording capability and ability to include recorded media in a patient's record are also very useful enhancements over traditional telemedicine equipment.


Visual content from Onsight can be used in everything from Grand Rounds, to class room settings and public health education portals. Additionally, content can be shared within "communities of interest" enhancing the quality of health care and professional growth.

Pathology - Biopsy Assessment

Enabling a pathologist to communicate directly with the operating room in real-time while biopsies are being performed is another powerful Onsight application. The Onsight mobile device acts as a patient camera to aid the pathologist in understanding the area around where the biopsy is to be performed. In addition, the two-way audio and telestration capabilities of Onsight enables the surgeon and pathologist to have a real-time collaboration of the tissue size and shape to be removed. If desired, this information can be captured and annotated for future educational or follow-on use. In effect, the pathologist is provided the ability to guide the operating team in making the most appropriate biopsy while the surgery is in progress. This can have a significant impact on the need for repeat procedures and can ultimately result in saving patient lives.

Remote Nursing Stations

Remote nursing stations can benefit from many of the use case applications described above. Nurses can engage medical specialists to provide enhanced quality of care while saving money on transportation costs and logistics. Connectivity options for remote nursing stations can be accomplished through terrestrial internet options or cellular and satellite communications if available.