Field Service & Safety Audit

Performing Remote Maintenance and Safety Audits in the Field


Visual collaboration for field service workers can mean the difference between solving a problem in minutes and solving a problem in days or even weeks. When help is needed to diagnose a problem or perform an inspection, Onsight can be used as a video field camera to deliver live video, voice, images and advanced collaboration features from the field to a remote expert.

Mobile collaboration applications within field service range from heavy equipment safety audits at an oil rig to property damage assessments for the insurance industry. Using the Onsight mobile device, iPhone or iPad as a video field camera, field service workers can perform remote maintenance of equipment and safety audits with experts who are miles away.

  • Safety Audits of industrial equipment, processes and facilities are an essential component of many operations. Onsight rugged devices are typically used to perform these remote safety audits by connecting field workers to inspectors running the Onsight Connect on their desktops, iPhone or iPad devices. Using Onsight, these safety audit inspectors can interact, take pictures and record the entire collaboration session for a complete audit trail.

  • Remote Maintenance of equipment or systems can improve customer service response times and increase uptime of critical production equipment. To be effective, remote maintenance requires the ability to share detailed visuals with offsite experts. The offsite experts can also share visuals back to the field workers such as a schematic to show the correct configuration or a video recording that steps the field worker through the repair process.

In many cases, bandwidth constraints can make this kind of collaboration a challenge. Onsight includes features such as Bandwidth Adaptive Streaming and optimized ultra-low bandwidth performance to overcome these real world issues.

By sharing live visuals and talking, field service workers are able to resolve maintenance issues or complete safety inspections quickly to enhance overall productivity, facilitate training and mentorship, and improve overall customer service.

Intelligent Hospital Systems uses Onsight to remotely support their robotic pharmaceutical system in the field.