Energy - Power Plant Maintenance

Safety Audits and Power Plant Maintenance across Oil & Gas, Energy and Utility Industries


In many cases, energy businesses face challenges caused by the vast distance and time that typically separates physical workers from subject matter experts. This challenge can be extremely difficult to overcome using traditional communication mediums.

Librestream’s Onsight operations driven video collaboration system provides an immediate solution that helps overcome the distance and time that separates these workers. Onsight enables subject matter experts and physical workers to collaborate live by streaming video, sharing images, engaging in discussions and drawing onscreen. This full collaboration experience is even available in ultra-low bandwidth conditions.

Onsight provides a full visual collaboration solution that is certified for operation in offshore and onshore facilities, power plants, pipelines and refineries. The Onsight Ex mobile devices were specifically designed for these difficult environments with Zone 2 and Class 1, Division 2 certifications.

There are a wide variety of applications where Onsight has shown positive results within the Energy segment such as:

  • corrosion inspection
  • safety audits
  • power plant maintenance
  • capital project monitoring
  • IT/communication infrastructure troubleshooting
  • inventory management and asset tracking
  • equipment maintenance, repair or overhaul
  • start up and commissioning services

Within these applications, Energy companies have seen improvements in production uptime, problem resolution speed, travel costs, and overall communication levels.