Remote Product Inspections

Accelerating New Product Delivery with Remote Inspection System


The Onsight mobile collaboration system provides an efficient way to remotely inspect new product designs to speed delivery and review existing processes to improve quality.

Product Design Collaboration
    For new products, the design review and approval process is an ongoing part of development and it often extends to include collaboration with suppliers. Prior to live video collaboration, this process often involved shipping samples between locations or travelling around the world to view samples at other corporate locations or supplier sites. This approach introduced considerable delays and unnecessary costs into the process.
    With Onsight, new product designs are reviewed, approved or modified immediately with colleagues in the same enterprise or externally with suppliers or customers. Teams can stream video and share high quality images from a Onsight device, iPhone or iPad with offsite experts running Onsight Connect on their desktop, iPhone or iPad. Together, the Onsight participants can see, discuss, and draw on the visuals to identify areas of concern. The offsite experts can also share files such as an updated design document and bring in additional participants for a multi-party collaboration session.
Remote Process Reviews
    Process reviews are also an ongoing necessity within manufacturing, oil & gas, and many other industries. With operations spread over multiple continents, enterprises need a way to collaborate remotely to improve existing processes or train teams on new processes. Onsight can be used to show remote experts the existing process and talk through the issues. These remote experts can immediately provide feedback by talking, drawing onscreen drawing or by sharing a video recording that steps users through a new process live. By performing these remote process reviews, enterprises have discovered direct quality savings with lower scrap rates and higher equipment uptime.

For these remote product design and process reviews, the collaborators quickly identify process or product errors and communicate corrective action steps immediately. In many cases, these sessions are recorded within Onsight for long term record keeping and future knowledge sharing. To overcome language barriers that can occur with cross-continent collaboration, an additional audio input can be used to bring an interpreter into the live collaboration session.

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