Collaboration Solutions

seeITnow provides a visual collaboration solution that allows enterprises to remotely view, diagnose, consult and resolve issues in real time. Using this collaboration solutions, organizations speed problem resolution and improve decision making. The need for this kind of enterprise collaboration grade solution spans numerous industries and applications.

Enterprises are now using Onsight visual collaboration solution to leverage expert resources by visually connecting them to remote locations such as the manufacturing plant floor, oil rig, mining site, or emergency scene. By bringing the problem to the expert, these organizations have found that Onsight helps them reduce downtime, accelerate problem resolution, increase quality and reduce the expense of travel.

The Onsight mobile enterprise collaboration system is currently in use across a variety of applications in the following industries:

  • Manufacturing and Complex Product Development
  • Energy - Oil & Gas, Utilities
  • Telemedicine
  • Insurance and Collision Repair
  • Government and Public Safety
  • Many more including Construction, Retail, and Education Facilities