Onsight Connect now available on iPhone and iPad


Onsight Connect is a cloud collaboration solution that includes rich collaboration software for the iPhone, iPad, PC (previously known as Onsight Expert) and Onsight mobile devices. Onsight Connect delivers a fully interactive collaboration experience that helps operations teams make decisions and solve problems where and when they occur. When more than a meeting is required, you need Onsight.

Interactive Collaboration features:

  • Share live video using an iPhone, iPad or Onsight Device, optimized to perform in challenging field environments
  • Communicate clearly with a built-in echo canceller for excellent voice quality
  • Freeze the video or take high resolution images to analyze and discuss in more detail
  • Use interactive telestration (drawing) capabilities to quickly bring attention to key areas
  • Control the live camera remotely including zoom, freeze frame, image capture and lighting
  • Support multiple Onsight session participants at one time when additional input is needed
  • Share images and recordings with all Onsight participants to speed problem resolution
  • Use the optional Guest Service to quickly invite a guest to join your Onsight session
  • Record the entire Onsight session for future record keeping or training purposes
  • Find the right contact to call by using the Global Directory
  • Perform live video collaboration with very low bandwidth – as little as 64 kbps required
  • Optimize performance in challenging environments with Bandwidth Adaptive Streaming and flexible media configurations
  • Deploy Onsight on an unlimited number of iPhone, iPad, PC and Onsight devices with an option to log in to four devices simultaneously – be ready for a call anywhere
  • Secure the communication with AES encryption, support for standard wireless security methods, call control and password protection
  • Centrally manage the Onsight Connect user license pool with Onsight Account Manager and device configuration with Onsight Management Suite
  • Access optional infrastructure services for a full solution using Onsight TeamLink and Onsight SIP Service.

To install Onsight Connect for the iPhone or iPad, download Onsight Connect on the App StoreIMPORTANT: You must have an active Onsight Connect user license to login and operate Onsight Connect on your iPhone or iPad.