Onsight Account Manager

Onsight Account Manager is a secure online tool that provides centralized management of the Onsight Connect user license pool. With this tool administrators can:

  • View a dashboard of the user license pool
  • Add, delete or modify new Onsight users manually or via file import
  • Send new users a Welcome email with links to download the Onsight software
  • Control which Onsight version is available for download and automatically send updates
  • Set an expiry date for assigned user licenses or Guest licenses to automatically bring them back into the user license pool
  • Set and enforce Onsight user license password and login security policies
  • Create groups and lists of Onsight contacts to help users search the Global directory for contacts
  • Speed deployment with an option for employees to self-register for Onsight
  • Review summary statistics and reports to track Onsight usage and call information