Onsight 2500R

Onsight 2500R - Rugged Video Streaming Camera


The Onsight 2500R is a rugged camera engineered to perform in harsh environments that are typical in many enterprise applications for mobile collaboration. The Onsight 2500R can withstand drops to steel or concrete with its IP64 enclosure rating and operate effectively in challenging outdoor environments with its chemically resistant exterior and sunlight readable display.

The Onsight 2500R rugged camera helps field workers share, diagnose, consult, and resolve issues in real time with remote experts using the Onsight Connect collaboration software. The Onsight 2500R is much more than a basic video streaming camera. The Onsight 2500R delivers high quality live video and audio with advanced interactive collaboration features such as telestration (on screen drawing) and remote camera control to provide full collaboration for enterprises operating in challenging indoor and outdoor environments.

In some applications, the Onsight 2500R is used as a visual inspection camera to provide remote, live inspections of equipment, processes, new product designs or general environments. The Onsight 2500R can also connect 3rd party camera optics such as a borescope or microscope to send critical live visuals to the remote experts. It also includes a built-in light ring to provide optimal lighting for a range of environmental conditions.


Onsight 2500-Serie Front


Onsight 2500-Serie Front


Onsight 2500-Serie Back


Onsight 2500-Serie Front with Power-Sledge