Onsight 2500EX

Onsight 2500EX - Ex Certified Industrial Camera


The Onsight 2500Ex is an Ex certified industrial camera for use in potentially hazardous locations such as oil and gas or chemical processing plants requiring a Zone 2 ATEX certification or Class 1 Division 2 approval. It builds on the rugged design of the Onsight 2500R with its chemically resistant exterior, IP64 enclosure rating and overall durability to deliver a full solution that an Ex rated hazardous location environment requires.

Using the Onsight 2500Ex certified industrial camera, field operators can share, consult, and resolve issues in real time with offsite professionals collaborating through the Onsight Connect software or from a TelePresence suite or video conferencing room. The Onsight system facilitates full collaboration with live, high quality video, two-way audio and interactive collaboration features such as telestration and ultra-low bandwidth optimization.

Locations that require the Onsight 2500Ex rated model with its ATEX certification often use satellite networks for their communication infrastructure, which means that bandwidth consumption is critically important. The Onsight system is optimized for use in these ultra-low bandwidth settings. Live collaboration that includes video, audio and advanced collaboration capabilities can be delivered with as little as 60kbps. In this application, the Onsight 2500Ex provides a video overview of the environment and share high quality images for detailed collaboration.

There are many applications for the Onsight 2500Ex certified device within the Energy segment. These applications include heavy equipment maintenance, safety audits, power plant maintenance, capital project management and many more.


Onsight 2500-Serie Back


Onsight 2500-Serie Front with Power-Sledge


Onsight 2500-Serie Front


Onsight 2500-Serie Front