Onsight Mobile Devices


Designed for use in challenging environments, the Onsight mobile devices are rugged handheld video endpoints that visually connect field workers with remote experts to solve problems immediately. The Onsight devices all feature high resolution streaming video, rugged enclosures, wireless mobility, SIP-based call control, interactive voice, image capture, recording and telestration (on-screen drawing).

The current Onsight mobility device models include:

Onsight 2500R – Rugged design for use in industrial operations and field work settings

Onsight 2500Ex – Certified as explosion proof for potentially hazardous environments

The Onsight devices collaborate directly with Onsight Connect enabled endpoints as well as standard video conferencing products to provide a live feed from the manufacturing plant floor, oil rig, emergency scene and any other field location. Core features of the Onsight mobile devices include:

  • Hand-held wireless mobility with integrated 802.11 a/b/g/n wireless networking
  • Real time, high quality video streaming to Onsight Connect enabled endpoints for a full, interactive collaboration experience
  • Outstanding optical performance including 10x zoom and 1 cm (< ½ inch) macro zoom for superior quality close-ups
  • High quality audio support with a built-in speakerphone, microphone and headset modes including optional Bluetooth headset support
  • Interactive telestration (onscreen drawing) to quickly identify areas for discussion
  • Built-in illumination ring that can be optimized for distance or macro
  • High resolution viewfinder with touch screen support and sunlight readable display
  • Recording and still image capture with optional SD storage
  • Advanced security, encryption and authentication features
  • Optional attachment for Ethernet, S-Video, secondary audio and USB support
  • Direct calls to industry standard video conference products for a truly mobile video conferencing solution
  • Supports Onsight Connect user login to invite guests to the Onsight session, find global contacts, and interact with iPhone and iPad devices in addition to Windows PC Onsight users

The Onsight 1000 and Onsight 2000 mobile device models have been discontinued. The manufacturer will continue to provide support and warranty services for the Onsight 1000 to October 16, 2016 and to June 28, 2017 for the Onsight 2000. The Onsight 2500 models are a direct replacement for the Onsight 2000 models.