Onsight Products

The Operations-Driven Mobile Video Collaboration System

seeITnow offers the leading mobile video collaboration solution called Onsight, that fully connects internal experts to remote locations in real time. Using Onsight, an internal expert can see live video and share feedback with field staff, external suppliers or customers to assess operations or resolve issues immediately.

The Onsight solution is comprised of three main components:

Onsight Connect, the cloud collaboration platform that includes rich collaboration software for the iPhone, iPad, Windows PC and Onsight mobile devices;
The ruggedized and Ex-rated wireless Onsight mobile collaboration devices; and
Enterprise management software including Onsight Account Manager and Onsight Management Suite to centrally manage Onsight user licenses, enforce security and set bandwidth policies.
These three components provide a full mobile video collaboration system. With the Onsight solution, a field worker immediately collaborates with a remote expert using high quality video, voice and onscreen drawing. If additional parties are required to assist the field worker, users can bring in multiple Onsight collaborators at one time, quickly invite a guest, or launch an online meeting. The Onsight mobile device can also be used as a mobile TelePresence camera to bring video from the field into TelePresence rooms.

Together, these experts and field workers can resolve issues, fix problems, diagnose, or monitor field situations on the shop floor, customer site, in a remote health clinic or at the scene of an emergency. Typically the investment in the Onsight solution is paid back after just one or two uses.